Ecommerce Benchmark launched internationally


The Ecommerce Foundation has launched today the Ecommerce Benchmark. This online tool is a free service allowing companies to compare and improve their e-commerce activities. The launch is supported by Ecommerce Europe, the Brussels-based association representing 25.000+ B2C companies that sell products and services online to consumers. The mission of the non-profit Ecommerce Foundation is to realize e-commerce related research, reports and benchmarks on a collective basis.

Why the Ecommerce Benchmark?

Wijnand Jongen, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Ecommerce Europe, explains his views on the new tool: “E-commerce is still a new management area. Companies are often making the same mistakes and reinventing the wheel. Ecommerce Europe has therefore decided to become a launching partner of the Ecommerce Benchmark with the objective of helping companies to improve themselves. The Ecommerce Benchmark is an excellent example of national association bodies working together to realize benefits that companies could not have realized independently.”

What will be measured?

The Ecommerce Benchmark will measure 21 Ecommerce Performance Indicators, based on the Bonsing/Mann model. The entire customer journey will be benchmarked, including the internal & external organizational and financial performance.

21 KPI

Safe and anonymous

The Ecommerce Foundation guarantees that all figures requested will be treated confidentially. Jorij Abraham, the Foundation’s Managing Director explains: “Individual data will never be used for any other purpose than benchmarking. In addition, companies can complete their Ecommerce Benchmark completely anonymously. The online tool of the Ecommerce Foundation has been set up in such a way that all data will be kept confidential.”


The Ecommerce Benchmark will be rolled out internationally. The first countries participating are Austria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands. Associations outside of Europe have also shown a lot of interest in the Ecommerce Benchmark.

An example report of the benchmark can be found here.

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