Portugal joins Ecommerce Europe with ACEPI


Portugal-based ACEPI has joined Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organization for e-commerce consisting of associations and companies selling products and/or services online to consumers. “I’m very pleased that the Board of Directors of ACEPI has decided to join Ecommerce Europe. Our board members believe that there is strong strategic alignment between both organizations and see a clear value proposition on working together,” says Alexandre Nilo Fonseca, President of ACEPI Board of Directors. Ecommerce Europe is also delighted with its newest member. “We are very glad with ACEPI’s accession to Ecommerce Europe,” says François Momboisse, President of Ecommerce Europe’s Board of Directors. “Southern Europe is an important emerging e-commerce market and with this membership, we can represent the e-commerce interests of the region even better.”

“E-commerce is a global reality”

“Over the years, ACEPI has kept as a strategic priority the development of international partnerships with similar organizations that also contribute to the creation of a digital economy in their countries or regions,” says Alexandre Nilo Fonseca. “E-commerce is a global reality and therefore regions, countries, organizations and companies should work together in order to shape this market and allow cross-border markets to become a reality. We are delighted to become a member of Ecommerce Europe and we look forward to developing joined initiatives.”

Portuguese are big online spenders

Portugal is an emerging B2C e-commerce market of goods and services. It is estimated that the Portuguese B2C e-commerce turnover grew by 13% and reached €2.9bn in 2014. In terms of spending per online shopper, Portugal ranks among the top of the Southern European region. On average, each Portuguese e-shopper spent €988 on online purchases of goods and/or services, ranking them above the most influential countries in the region, Spain and Italy. A new in-depth report on e-commerce in Portugal, including detailed information and infographics on the figures of 2014, is expected to become available later this year.

Portuguese center of excellence

Founded in 2000, the Portuguese Association of Digital Economy (ACEPI) is an independent, non-profit organization, comprising individuals and collective bodies. It brings together the companies that lead the digital economy revolution in Portugal and its members include leading online shops, finance websites, portals, media websites and telecom companies.

ACEPI’s main objectives include developing and promoting value-added knowledge on technological, economic and legal matters associated with e-commerce, becoming a center of excellence and promoter for e-commerce and interactive advertising, and contributing to the establishment of a national e-commerce community of organizations, experts and consumers.

The national association aims to fulfil its goals by exchanging knowledge, promoting dissemination and clarification and organizing meetings, seminars, conferences and other activities relating to the field of e-commerce.

A free version of the European B2C E-commerce report can be downloaded here: https://ecommerce-europe.eu/facts-figures/free-downloads