German Händlerbund joins Ecommerce Europe


It is with great pleasure that Ecommerce Europe announced its 16th member today. The Germany-based Händlerbund joined the European umbrella organization for e-commerce consisting of associations and companies selling products and/or services online to consumers. The Händlerbund is one of the largest online trade associations in Europe and represents the interests of more than 30,000 online entities, about half of which sell products and/or services online to consumers. “We are extremely happy with the Händlerbund joining us. The new German association represents an important part of the online B2C companies in Germany. With this membership, Ecommerce Europe has gained the support of 16 countries and over 25,000 e-companies in 2 years’ time. By representing this many companies and countries, our voice in Europe will be stronger than ever,” says François Momboisse, President of the Board of Directors of Ecommerce Europe.

Why the Händlerbund is joining Ecommerce Europe

“Aims and principles of the Händlerbund include the consolidation and improvement of the e-commerce image throughout Europe, the improvement of the business environment for online commerce as well as the elimination of barriers to cross-border commerce in Europe. To achieve these goals it’s important to strengthen consumer protection, by establishing a seal of quality and providing our members with legal service,” says Karolin Schramm, Business Development Manager of Händlerbund.

Minimizing Internet abuse

Founded on October 3, 2008, the Händlerbund has expanded very quickly and independently. Currently they represent the interests of more than 30,000 online entities. About 2% of these are companies exclusively operative in B2B, 47% are B2C companies and the larger part, 52%, are both.

As one of the biggest providers of professional e-commerce services, they have set themselves the goal to minimize Internet abuse and support it with services provided by their association, such as legal services and the Käufersiegel seal of quality. The Händlerbund acts with its various contacts as a competence center and informs others about current trends and news regarding to online trade.

“Representation of interests becomes more and more important as 80% of all European legislation is driven by Brussels. Therefore we would like to guarantee a unified appearance and to act as the voice of Germany concerning e-commerce,” says Florian Seikel, Head of Public Affairs, Berlin Office. 

Mature B2C e-commerce market

Germany is a developed B2C e-commerce market of goods and services but still has high growth rates. As it has been growing the fastest of all mature European countries, Germany is now one of the most important markets in Europe. In 2013, e-commerce turnover grew to €63.4bn, which represents an increase of 26.8% in comparison with 2012. According to the European B2C E-commerce Report, which was published by Ecommerce Europe, this growth is expected to continue in 2014, by 20.6% to €76.4bn. A new in-depth report on e-commerce in Central Europe, which will include country reports from Austria, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany, will be published in September 2014.

A free version of the Europe B2C E-commerce report can be downloaded here: