Western European e-commerce market expected to reach € 204.7 billion in 2014


The Western European B2C e-commerce market is developing extremely well. This is apparent from the new Western Europe B2C E-commerce Report, published by Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organization for 25.000+ companies, selling products and/or services online to consumers.

Figures in Ecommerce Europe reports are based on the Global Online Measurement Standard for E-commerce (GOMSEC). The European e-commerce figures are established in cooperation with national e-commerce associations and GfK.

Online sales will reach €204.7 billion in 2014

Just like the year before, the Western European region, comprising Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, was in first position with regard to e-commerce size in 2013, with a European market share of 49%. The total B2C e-commerce economy of Western Europe amounted €177.7 billion, a 12% growth compared to 2012. Online sales of goods and services are forecast to reach €204.7 billion in 2014, a growth of more than 15% in comparison with 2013. Ecommerce Europe’s research also reveals that 95 million consumers in Western Europe bought goods and services online in 2013.

United Kingdom leads the way, followed by France and the Netherlands

The mature online markets of Western Europe are the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. The UK leads the way with total online sales of €107.1 billion. Projections for 2014 indicate that the United Kingdom will maintain its position with forecast total sales of €127.4 billion. France and the Netherlands rank second and third with expected total sales of €57.5 billion and €11.5, respectively, in 2014.

Ireland is in fourth place and will reach total sales of €5.2 billion in 2014. Belgium (€4 billion) and Luxembourg (€529 million) are in fifth and sixth place. However, besides the UK, it will be the only country that will experience a stronger e-commerce growth than in 2013.

Average Western European e-shopper spent €1,867 online in 2013

On average, Western European e-shoppers spent €1,867 per person online in 2013. This is far above the European average of €1,376 and EU28 average of €1,500. The United Kingdom leads the way with €2,614, making their e-shoppers the biggest online spenders in Europe. Within Western Europe, Ireland, Luxembourg and France follow with €1,643, €1,533 and €1,503, respectively, per online shopper.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands (€982) and Belgium (€647) have a considerable gap when it comes to online expenditures per e-shopper. In Belgium, e-commerce is still growing strongly and the country is expected to catch up quickly. The Netherlands is considered more mature and the high density of physical retail is limiting the need to buy online compared to other countries.

Internet penetration in the Netherlands and Luxembourg reached 95%

In 2013, the Western European population was estimated to be 162.4 million (20% of Europe’s population). Internet penetration in Western Europe (87%) was above the European (74%) and EU28 average (77%) in last year. In terms of Internet access, Western Europe was led by the Netherlands and Luxembourg with 95%, followed by the United Kingdom and France, with 88% and 84% respectively.

Ecommerce Europe Regional E-commerce Reports

In addition to the Western Europe B2C E-commerce Report, Ecommerce Europe publishes four other regional reports this fall. These will cover Central Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe and Eastern Europe. The rapports are powered by GlobalCollect, Informatica, RichRelevance and Salesupply.

You can download a free light version of the Western Europe B2C Ecommerce report here.

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