Ecommerce Europe co-signs industry letter on the General Product Safety Regulation


Today, Ecommerce Europe joined 12 other associations, representing start-ups, SMEs, technology and e-commerce industries, in a joint industry letter on the General Product Safety Regulation. In the letter, the signatories urge EU policymakers to make the GPSR an efficient framework for the safety of European consumers and supportive of SMEs and other businesses involved. 

To ensure that this legislation reaches its goals, signatories ask Members of the European Parliament, the Council, and the Commission to consider the following recommendations: 

  1. Integrate a risk-based approach: allow for prioritisation of the products with the highest risk to improve clarity and efficiency. 
  2. Provide financial and educational resources tailored to SMEs, as well as direct channels to connect with institutional experts who can answer specific questions. 
  3. Maintain the allocation of responsibilities according to the role in the supply chain. 
  4. Maintain the focus on physical products. 
  5. Ensure consistency with the EU’s legal framework, in particular with ongoing discussions on the Digital Services Act, the Artificial Intelligence Act and the Sustainable Product Initiative. 
  6. Provide enough time for implementation: the implementation period of the GPSR should be extended to 24 months. 

You can find the full joint industry letter here.