Industry letter on the revamp of the Detergents and Surfactants Regulation


On 1 December, Ecommerce Europe co-signed, together with other likeminded industry associations representing a large pool of retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers active in the European Union, an industry letter on the revamp of the Detergents and Surfactants Regulation.

In its proposal for a revision, the European Commission inserts an indirect obligation to provide individual batch numbers or a unique product identifier correlated to a specific batch of detergents in an online offer. Moreover, an obligation to include the batch number in the related product passport is laid down. This goes beyond what is feasible for retailers.

In our letter, we make a case for:

  • Avoiding creating top-up rules online/distance sales as the retail sector is increasingly becoming omnichannel.
  • The technical and logistical difficulties to display a product passport linked to a specific batch number.
  • The lack of benefits for the consumers resulting from this provision.

You can read the full statement here.