Ecommerce Europe co-signs industry statement rejecting the rash extension of the withdrawal button to all distance contracts


Last Friday, Coreper agreed on the introduction of a withdrawal button for all distance contracts. Ecommerce Europe, together with 16 other associations, is very concerned about the impact of this button on the digital commerce sector.  

The signatories believe that the process has not been adhering to the better-regulation principles of European policymaking. The discussion on financial services contracts is being used as a vehicle to amend the CRD horizontally, without proper impact assessment and consultation of stakeholders. We consider the ongoing fitness check the appropriate venue for further discussions on this issue and strongly urge policymakers to take the time to properly assess all relevant arguments before reaching hasty conclusions.  

In general, we would welcome a harmonised, principle-based approach to improving consumers’ awareness of the right of withdrawal. Nevertheless, the statement invites policymakers to leave traders sufficient leeway to align with such a principle, considering the wide range of business models, their size and technical capabilities as well as the vast offer of products and services available on the Single Market. 

You can find the full statement here. 

The statement was signed by:  

  • Bitkom
  • BusinessEurope
  • CCIA, Computers & Communications Industry Association
  • Delivery Platforms Europe
  • DOT Europe
  • Ecommerce Europe
  • ISFE, Europe’s Video Games Industry
  • European VOD Coalition
  • EuroCommerce
  • European Tech Alliance
  • EGDF, European Games Developer Federation
  • European Footwear Confederation
  • FESI, Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry
  • Federation of European Publishers
  • ITI, Information Technology Industry Council
  • SMEunited
  • Seldia, The European Direct Selling Association